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The Preaux Skincare Plug.

Meaux Co. (pronounced MOH- CO) is, first a foremost a family-owned, small business. Our small business is an Esthetician-founded and formulated skincare company. Our skincare aligns where nature and science unite to create the latest advancements in plant-inspired, vegan professional skincare. All products are uncompromisingly cruelty-free and free of extra or unnecessary synthetics & fillers. We use sustainable, recyclable containers and also are package-free. Our products are concentrated, herbal, and corrective.  Meaux Co. was made by estheticians for estheticians. Our team of Account Mentors currently teaches skincare classes, training other estheticians in Meaux Co.’s skincare protocols & our devices. Our team is small but mighty and we are here to help consumers and Licensed Preauxs alike! 


Nice to meet ya.

This is Meaux Co. Pro

We are a family-owned small business. We small batch make and curate, customize, and hand bottle all of our products with care and intention. Although we are not a big corporation, we provide genuine relationships and care to each of our accounts. We are here for all your skincare needs!  We are so grateful you are here. Love you so much! - Sash, Te, Boss, and Dekey.


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