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New & Improved Peel Collection

New & Improved Peel Collection


Our Phyta Peels are a professional blend of plant and gem-infused peels that deliver corrective and transformative skin results. Our advanced application methodology ensures that polyphenols, ceramides, plant peptides, collagen, and antioxidants are infused into the skin, promoting cell turnover and repairing the skin. You can expect to see improved skin texture and complexion with the use of our Phyta Peels.


Blue Plum Peel: a striking blue extract from Blue Malachite with powerful antioxidants from Kakadu Plum- rich in copper and offers potent cell turnover without the down time. It is peel safe for all global skin types and the gemstone extract aides in protecting the barrier while going through the peel process while offering energetic healing benefits. It’s sitting in a 20% Lactic Acid base with 2% Lemon Bio-Ferment Peel.


Red Peel (with bakuchiol): Red Hematite, and Bakuchiol are retinol like liquid extracts that promotes collagen production to visibly plump the skin and aids in filling in wrinkles for a useful looking appearance. It’s sitting in a 30% glycolic acid base for an amazing peeling experience. Aside from the peel, benefits, red hematite is said to emotionally and spiritually heal the mind and have powers that’s proven to bring profound serenity.


Green Goji Peel: Jamed packed with antioxidants from the Green tea & Goji berries.  Both helping with reversing damage and protecting against potential damage from free radicals.  Chlorophyll is also an added super star to this peel making it great for inflammed skin conditions.  This is a summer safe peel, sitting in 5% Malic, 5% Lactic & 5% Glycolic.


Za Gel Peel: A hydrating and healing peel meant for all skin types including inflammatory or acne prone skin.  This gel peel is unique in the texture, and also incredibly healing.  The fire & ice feeling is refreshing and rejuvenating. Cinnamon provides an anti inflammatory agent, as the Peppermint help with killing bacteria and helping to fade pigmentation. 20% Lactic acid, Cinnamon Leaf & Peppermint make this peel a must-have!

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