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Oksijeaux (Blue) Bubble Mask

Oksijeaux (Blue) Bubble Mask

Oksijeaux pro bubbling The oxygen mask provides a powerful burst of pore-cleaning oxygen that helps to clear acne. For healthier, smoother skin, it promotes pore purification, skin tightening and whitening, and lymphatic movement and circulation.

Blue spirulina— is considered one of the oldest living organisms on the planet This antioxidant-rich algae boasts anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties This versatile algae is rich with amino acids that might keep your skin toned by encouraging collagen production.

Butterfly Pea Flower - triterpenoids for collagen proliferation, glycosides for skin soothing properties, anthicyanins for anti inflammation and antioxidants& tannins for antibacterial properties.

Star ingredients: Blue Spirolina, Blue Butterfly Pea flower, Matcha & Kaolin Clay + compounds


Ingredients: kaolin clay, baking soda, matcha, citric acid Usage: add 4.5 teaspoons of Oksijeaux powder to 2 teaspoons of water. Apply mixture to skin for 10 minutes ans rinse remove.

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