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Calypseaux & Vibrant: Active Enzymes

Calypseaux & Vibrant: Active Enzymes

 our active enzyme boosters are for professional use only and can be used in a myriad of ways in the treatment room. Infuse a pinky nail size amount to any gel oil or cream base and infuse with the technology of your choice. You can also add to Neptune mask or any Meaux co mask.

Calypseaux (calypso) has Açaí enzyme extracts, Matcha enzymes, Blue spirulina, and Kaolin Clay boosted with plant based enzyme, antioxidants and gentle salving agents to promote pore cleansing, skin replenishing, and and over all healing Gleaux.

Vibrant has hibiscus enzyme extracts, beet root enzyme powder and provides the skin with soothing, calming, healing, cellular protection and repairing benefits for skin that is exhausted, impaired or aging Extrinsicly.

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